Your mind is your most powerful tool...
....You just need to know how to use it.

Alastair Gibson Advanced Practitioner specialising in The Lightning Process® .

Alastair Gibson Advanced Lightning Process practitioner

Welcome to Withinspiration personal change specialists, we work with many tools to help you put your life back on track. We will always treat you as an individual and help you on your journey towards health & happiness.


"I suffered with M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which was like a living hell for 7 years. After attending the Lightning Process® training I found that I felt much better, and started on the road to recovery. I now have my life back." For my full story click here to read my blog



99% of people who have completed our training since 1st December 2010 would recommend that others attend the Lightning Process program with Alastair Gibson.

I offer two options:

The Lightning Process, a life-changing effective and powerful process designed to teach you how to get the life you want.

1-2-1 Therapy, bespoke, combining a range of techniques to help resolve the underlying cause of an issue, usually in less than six sessions

To find out more call Alastair today on 07949785334 or 01202 269972

Lightning Process

Phil Parker & Alastair Gibson Lightning Process Practitioner

"I enjoyed immensely watching Alastair at work, the combination
of his personal experience of recovery using the Lightning Process ® and his enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and professionalism make him an extraordinary practitioner."
Phil Parker - Lightning Process ®


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